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Do I need a new roof?

Below is a picture that illustrates some of the problems that can happen to your pre-existing roof over the years and let you know it’s definitely time for a new roof.

We highly recommend catching these problems ahead of time so that the right corrective actions can be taken to prevent future damages to the house integrity and comfort of your home.


One of the biggest problems with premature roofing system failures is poor attic air ventilation.  Below is a picture that illustrates proper air ventilation with a combination of soffits and ridge vents. 


Proper air ventilation in the attic plays an important role in aiding the shingle to reach their full peak life.  Without the proper air ventilation in the attic, manufactures will not warrant any roofing system.

On every roof inspection we calculate for the required proper attic ventilation to make sure there is a manufacture warranty on every roof we install.  We have all types of solutions to help you achieve proper ventilation and install a wide variety of ventilation products such as: power vents, fascia vents, turbines, gable louvers and many more. 


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